TELESIN Replacement Battery for GoPro 8,7,6,5

Jun 22, 2022
GoPro Accessories
TELESIN Replacement Battery for GoPro 8,7,6,5

Why you Should Buy a GoPro Battery?

You can really only get an hour to an hour and a half of shooting time out of a GoPro battery, so the one that comes with your camera is just not enough when you are capturing a lot of footage. You also might need an arsenal of spare batteries. What if your spare batteries are more powerful and long lasting the the originals plus you don't have to worry about the device health or compatibility? Yes the perfect battery exist Telesin GoPro batteries!


TELESIN Decoded Lithium battery and Charger Kit is fully compatible with Original GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5 black. Note: Please do not remove the black tape on top of the battery, it’s for taking out battery easily from the charger.



 TELESIN Rechargeable Li-ion batteries capacity 1775mAh,30mAH more than the original battery. That means you have a higher capacity battery, more shooting time, and longer-lasting creative inspiration!


 1775mAh High-capacity batteries, 2:00 ~ 2:10 minutes of battery life in 1080/30/Wide mode